MISSING – Book #2 in the Christine Lane Mystery series which can be read as a standalone mystery. Available now at Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple and Google Play.

Policewoman Christine Lane feels guilty about the absent boy–why hadn’t she sensed a problem when she visited his class? After breaking up a fight between students, Christine had sent the children on their way. The next day, one boy vanishes. Searching Toronto Island for the ten-year-old, Christine is shocked when investigators eventually conclude the child ran away. How did he get off the island? Why hasn’t he surfaced anywhere? And why did he leave the field trip in the first place?

When Christine probes further, she receives pushback from her boss, the school board and the classmates’ families. Then the threats begin. Can Christine figure out what happened the night the boy disappeared, before she is shut down for good?

Crime Writers of Canada Excellence in Crime Writing Award Finalist.