A drug-ridden Village. A missing daughter. An undercover cop way over her head.


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Policewoman Christine Lane was accustomed to the easygoing pace of Toronto Island patrol. The lake view was gorgeous, the locals friendly and the crime nominal. Then Lane and her officer friends are handed a risky undercover assignment: stamp out the illegal drug trade poisoning the hippie neighborhood of Yorkville Village in downtown Toronto.

Not only is Christine inexperienced in dealing with gangs, bikers and drug dealers, but she’s assigned a secret mission to find a missing Village teen. Immersed in subterfuge, Christine desperately searches for the girl while trying to ascertain the heroin pipeline. Can she rescue the teen and expose the drug kingpin before her cover is blown?

Lost and Found is the third standalone book in the award-winning Christine Lane Mystery series.

If you like strong female protagonists, a groovy hippie setting and page-turning suspense, then don’t miss the newest edition to the Christine Lane mystery series.