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Policewoman Christine Lane is miffed about her transfer to Toronto Island where little happens and careers suffocate. During her first week on Island patrol, a protest turns violent and a young woman is found dead. Investigators conclude that the perpetrator must be local. But who in this tight-knit community would harm one of their own? 

Christine and her partner search for the offender among Toronto Island’s eccentric residents. When she is attacked by an unknown assailant, she knows she is closing in on the perpetrator. Christine’s boss warns that he will transfer her back to the Women’s Bureau (or to the unemployment line!) if Island patrol proves too rough. To save her job and find justice, Christine must find the elusive killer—before she becomes the next target.

RELEASING OCTOBER 18th! MISSING – the sequel to FINAL LOOK. Now on pre-order at Amazon, Kobo.

Ten-year-old Jacob Nowak goes missing during an overnight field trip to the Toronto Island Science School. Policewoman Christine Marsh is strongly affected by the news—her younger brother Wayne is in Jacob’s class and Toronto Island is her patrol. 

Every inch of the Island is searched. Weeks then months pass with no sign of Jacob. Christine accepts the premise that the boy ran away. But a few details don’t sit right. If Jacob didn’t go home, where is he? And why did he leave the Island school in the first place? 

Jacob’s roommates at the Island school know more about his disappearance than they are letting on. Christine must find the truth, even if the investigation leads to her brother. 

MISSING is Book #2 in the Christine Lane Mystery series and can also be read as a stand alone novel. 

Crime Writers of Canada Excellence in Crime Writing Award Finalist.